Will Drafting

Creating an estate, or at the very least, drafting a will, is an important part of ensuring that your heirs will get what you want them to have. It also helps keep probate costs lower. Allingham Law Offices drafts wills to your specifications to ensure that your children and other relatives and friends receive their share of your estate.

Your Rights and Your Family’s Rights

An Anchorage will drafting attorney will explain how the estate process works in Alaska, and will help you draft a will and other estate documents to protect your loved ones. Allingham Law Offices will also explain the entire probate process to you and your family so that your family knows what to expect and who to contact at the appropriate time.

Wills and Trusts: What the Documents Do

A will tells the court how you want your estate disbursed. Even if you have very little, your possessions are still considered an “estate.” While having a will doesn’t necessarily mean your family won’t have to go through probate, it can significantly reduce the costs to your estate.

A trust also tells the court how you want your possessions disbursed, but, set up properly, it can protect you and your family should you become incapacitated before you pass away. Accidents can happen at any time, and certain trusts will protect your assets and your family in the event something happens to you, whether it is an accident or an illness that renders you incapable of tending to your own affairs.

Completing a Will

When you retain Allingham Law Offices, you will fill out a form that tells us who you want in your will and how you want your possessions disbursed. We take that information and put it into a will, in the proper format, so that it is valid at the time of reading.

Using an Attorney

Because creating a will and trust could cost your loved ones money if not properly prepared, especially a trust that skips a generation, you should not rely on do-it-yourself kits you typically find in a big box office supply store.

Estate Planning documents like Wills, Trusts, Medical Directives and Powers of Attorney direct future care and/or ownership of your business rights, property and other assets when you are unable to manage those business financial affairs. We offer help and legal advice to business owners who are dealing with probate matters or who want to avoid future probate involvement and costs for certain business issues. Preparation and protection go hand in hand. When litigation is necessary, our law firm is ready to stand up strong on your behalf to obtain best results in the courtroom or at the negotiation tables.

Contact an Anchorage Will Drafting Attorney

If you don’t have a will or you have one but it needs to be updated, contact Lynn Allingham today to set up a consultation. Part of the first consultation is finding out what you need your will to do; and then we will start gathering information. We will also advise you of your rights and of the probate procedure. Ask us about creating a complete estate including drafting a will, a trust and advanced directives.

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