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People in business need to understand how business law affects their efforts, but the best way to gain that knowledge is to work with Attorney Lynn M. Allingham, at the Allingham Law Offices, in Anchorage, AK. Lynn has the knowledge you need of state and federal laws that are applicable to all types of business operations, from the start-up phase to mergers, acquisitions and global expansion.

Allingham Law Offices

At Allingham Law Offices, we help people statewide who want to begin a business, expand an existing one, develop new products, draft valid contracts or merge with another company. Our business law services are designed to be very personalized, to fit your exact needs and specifications. We understand that the best way we can serve clients is to focus on their goals and desires for business success. At the same time, we help people stay in compliance with the many State and Federal laws that apply to business operations.

Our services are many, and include the following popular areas of interest to business owners:

  • Business Structure – Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLCs, Corporations, Non-Profits
  • Contracts – developing valid documents to control relationships, mergers and acquisitions
  • Licensing Agreements – Franchises, Logo use and use of other business assets and property
  • Trademark/Copyrights/Patents/Intellectual Property
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Employment Law
  • Real Estate/Leasing/Rental & Landlord Tenant issues

Protecting your business interests, your rights to profit from your ideas and products, and other aspects of business law are areas of law practice where Allingham Law Offices, PC, can help you the most. We also offer complete Estate Planning and Probate legal services.

Anchorage Business Law Attorney

As an active Anchorage Business Law Attorney, Lynn M. Allingham decided to dedicate her law firm to serving the needs of Alaskan businesses and their owners. When businesses are successful, the entire community enjoys the benefits of that success. Other considerations a business owner should look at include liability issues and setting up Estate Planning to protect your interests through Wills, Powers of Attorney and Medical Care Directives.

Attorney Lynn M. Allingham has over 30 years experience practicing law. She knows how to help you protect trademarks and your intellectual property against unauthorized use. If you are considering a purchase of another business, expansion of your own business through a merger or just adding more key employees, Lynn can help you protect your important business interests with her knowledge and creative solutions. She is aggressive in litigation and excellent representing clients during routine and complex probate court matters.

Contact Allingham Law Offices, PC, in Anchorage, AK, and get your business up and running smoothly. Find answers to your questions about trademarks or other intellectual property matters, liability, business structure and growth or general business law. Call us now, at (907) 561-5223.

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